Feel confident

Be recognizable to your fiance & guests

Love how you look in your wedding photos

Get ready in your home or hotel

About Me

I’ll bring the makeup, and maybe even the champagne!

Hi, I’m Tricia! I’ve been making brides look and feel beautiful for 10 years, and I would LOVE to be your makeup artist!

I’ve worked with all types of brides and their families on emotionally charged wedding days. I can help keep you calm, or be the bossy big sister that keeps everyone on time. It’s so important that you like your bridal beauty team, so let’s chat!

I only take a limited number of brides each year, so let’s see if we’re a good fit!

Traumatized by Bad Makeup?

You’ve wasted time with other makeup artists

With your busy schedule, I respect your time as a bride-to-be. I will always email and call you back in a timely manner. I take my job seriously and you can trust I will never cancel on you at the last minute.

Your fiance hated your last makeup trial

I will help you look and FEEL so beautiful, your fiance will want to take you on a date after the trial! (It’s really happened!)

You’ve wasted so much money on makeup trials.

You’re at the point that you’re thinking of doing your own wedding makeup. I will listen to you and get a feel for your style before I lift a brush. I love feedback and will make adjustments when needed.

How it Works
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Your Investment

Bridal Rates start at $250

My Work

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