Sephora Mini-Haul

Sephora Mini-Haul

Hi Friends!

You know I love shopping for makeup. HELLO!

My followers on Instagram have voted, and so today’s blog post is a Sephora Mini-Haul! I picked up three items this week-with a different motivation for each one.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation $38 USD

Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer $ 25 USD

Olaplex No. 3 Bond Builder hair treatment $28 USD

Let’s chat foundation, first. I rarely pay full price for foundation, as I can utilize my pro discount and shop at stores that cater to makeup industry professionals. Recently, after recommendations from fellow wedding pros, I bought a slew of Make Up For Ever foundations to use in my kit, but none of the ones I ordered actually matched ME and I wanted to wear this particular foundation for a couple of days. I had time while Little Man was at school so I headed to my local Sephora.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin

After swatching multiple shades (on my own–no help from employees–read on for full story) I settled on shade R230.  This foundation claims the following:

  • Full coverage
  • 24 hour wear
  • Waterproof
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Medium to full coveragee

Have you tried this foundation?- Leave a comment below!

I will do a full review after I have a chance to wear it over the course of multiple days.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer

My go-to eyeliner pencil for personal use is $7. Can a $28 eyeliner be THAT much better?


This eyeliner glides on soooo smoothly and holds up to the waterproof claims. Full review coming soon but after 2 wears, I am impressed.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

When I can, I prefer to buy my at-home hair care from my stylist–support small biz, yo! Unfortunately for me, last time I saw my girl Megan Hollinger, aka @hollibeauty she was sold out of this gem! It is SO GOOD that I was willing to buy it at Sephora. You use this PRIOR to shampooing and conditioning your hair, as it strengthens the bonds of each hair strand, so crucial for us “bottled blondes”. Totally worth every penny, Olaplex No. 3 is an amazing hair treatment.

As I mentioned above, I had to swatch the foundation shades all by myself. Not a huge problem, as it’s something I am familiar with doing. However, as I was standing at the Make Up For Ever display, not one, but two Sephora employees brushed past me. Neither asked what brought me to the store, if I needed help, or if they could be of assistance.

Next, I passed a third employee on my way to hair care, and was observed by a fourth and fifth as I made my Olaplex selection. A 6th caught my eye and looked away as I made my way over to the registers. Some things to note:

I went at 10 am on a Tuesday, knowing the store would be quiet IN CASE I had questions

There were 3 other customers in the store

I was not wearing any makeup (because I wanted to try on foundation!)

How sad, huh? Not one of the SIX employees that saw me shopping even said HELLO! Not really surprising then, that brick and mortar retail is suffering, is it? Although, I still spent close to $100… so I guess they don’t really HAVE to care.

BUT. I left, thinking…WHAT if I wasn’t a makeup artist? What if I really needed help choosing foundation? What if I didn’t know the difference between types of eyeliners? Would I have left feeling sad and ignored? Probably.

IF you have ever felt this way when shopping for makeup, I’m so sorry. It’s a terrible feeling to be ignored. THIS is huge reason why I offer personal shopping. If you are anywhere in the Chicago area, I would LOVE to go to a store with you and give you customized attention so you can get what you NEED. Shoot me a message here  

Just let me know you want a lesson and we will get one set-up. Makeup shopping should be fun!


Thanks for reading–full reviews on products coming SOON!

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Thanks for reading, friends! See you soon!




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