New drugstore favorite bronzer/blush duo! (elf studio)

New drugstore favorite bronzer/blush duo! (elf studio)

You know what happens…you go to Target with a list, and wind up finding 12 other things you just NEED to have immediately. Well, I was good and only purchased one (okay, two) extra things but wait until you see what my new favorite is!


This elf studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder caught my eye because it looks sooo similar to the iconic NARS Blush/ Bronzer duo in Orgasm and Laguna! I’ve been lusting after that little trinket for ages now…but it’s $41! And lately I have been much better at exercising restraint at Sephora (I know, it’s hard to believe!) so I have told myself, on numerous occasions, that I don’t actually HAVE to have another blush or bronzer.


The elf studio duo was right in front of me at Target–for THREE DOLLARS!

Now, I am sure that the NARS duo is made of superior materials and for a host of reasons is worth the $41, and I have no qualms as a general rule about shelling out for high-quality, luxury cosmetics. I also have learned though, that not everyone can spare that kind of money. If they could, they might choose not to spend it on cosmetics. So, I LOVE to find good drugstore dupes of high-end classics.

Ladies, this elf studio duo is great!

I was on my way to a party and under the fluorescent lights of the fabulous Tar-jay, I thought my complexion could use a little pick-me-up. So I grabbed this little packet, and headed to check-out. When I went to use it in the car, I was dismayed to find it didn’t come with it’s own brush. I am used to higher-end products coming with applicators, so I hadn’t even considered this compact wouldn’t have a brush in it. However, I was carrying my trusty Benefit Hello Flawless powder compact, which comes with a brush AND a sponge, so I swiped that brush and BOOM–bring on the glow!

I’ve used this bronzer/blush duo for the last few days, and here are my thoughts.

  • I have to be very careful with my blending. In general, high-end powders are milled very finely, so tiny little particles are the blush or bronzer are picked up by your brush and are easy to apply with little streaking. This drugstore brand is not milled as finely, so I really need to buff it onto the skin and make sure it looks smooth and blended.
  • The colors are great and will flatter most skin-tones from very fair (just be careful with the bronzer, blend, blend, blend!!!) to darker olive, which could probably use the bronzer all over, as opposed to just for contouring.
  • It will be great to keep in my bag as a perk-up, because I won’t cry if it breaks!
  • This is a great way to see if you like the colors included before you splurge on the similar but more costly NARS original.

So ladies, if you’re already pasty winter skin is in need of a little glow, go crazy at your local drugstore and check out elf studios–for $3 it sure is a fun way to feel pretty! I’ll try and take a picture tomorrow to add so you can see it in effect.

Stay pretty, girls!


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